Custom Jewellery Design

Jewellers Workshop Gallery on the Gold Coast has two award-winning jewellery designers in-house willing to design the perfect custom jewellery piece with you. Not constrained to simply designing diamond engagement rings, JWG design and create other unique pieces such as fancy gem set pendants, handmade gold bracelets and bangles, diamond necklaces and earrings to suit your unique tastes and requirements.  We will use all maner of rare and precious gems and south sea pearls and pink diamonds to create one off jewellery.  We will also use rare white, exceptionally cut diamonds to enhance fancy couloured diamonds set in a wide range of traditional and modern or unusual materials.  Platinum, Palladium, Gold, Titanium, Ceramics, Thermoplastics, Hard Woods or even rusted steel are all used for our custom jewellery.  Our handmade Gold and Wooden wedding rings set with diamonds have been especially popular with our clients looking for unusual, beautiful jewellery that stands out while being understated.  We will carefully listen to how your lifestyle or work may influence what materials we will recommend for your new one off custom designed jewellery or ring.

In addition to creating bespoke works, we also remodel existing jewellery for customers seeking an update, or who wish to reuse Diamonds and precious gems, gold and platinum for sentimental reasons.

Most importantly, the jewellery designers at JWG are friendly, and happy to discuss the complexities of jewellery design with both new and experienced customers. We can sketch up the design with you, with your input to create something that reflects your personallity and makes you proud. All our designs are hand made and built to last generations, and because the jewellery designers you speak to are the jewellers who will handmake your new piece of jewellery, you can relax knowing it will turn out exactly as you dreamed.

The Personal Touch

Our custom designed jewellery is unique - something you won’t find anywhere else, as such we want it to always look its best. We encourage you to revist the store regularly to allow us to keep your treasured handmade jewellery looking as fresh as the day you received it.