Fine Handmade Jewellery

We continually update our showroom with new bespoke designs for diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more, most of what we do is commissioned fine jewellery using wonderful gemstones and fancy diamonds of all colours carefully selected from our extensive range of rare and unusual gemstones. All our designer jewellery is handmade, not cast or mass-produced and all crafted on view with loving attention to detail. It is the details that really set us apart. Fine jewellery should be viewed us wearable pieces of art or sculpture and should look fantastic from every angle. People are always turning our works around in their hands admiring it and looking for more hidden stones. Your JWG jewellery is unique and will never be reproduced.

If you want something special, but don’t have time for a custom designed jewellery commission, our gallery has numerous pieces available for immediate purchase, all with that special JWG touch.

Always Changing

Our pieces reflect both current jewellery fashion and traditional jewellery styles, always with a refreshing perspective. Average will not do. Melding styles and influences to suit any taste, this is the jeweller’s art. Generally anything is possible with  unique handmade jewellery, if an idea can be drawn then we can produce it with flair and finesse. Custom designed handmade jewellery on the Gold Coast.