Jewellery Design and Remodelling

Our experienced jewellers can also advise on proper jewellery care to safeguard your precious jewellery.  We can also advise you on what designs will suit your lifestyle and which stones will be the most appropriate for your hand made jewellery.

We Repair All Jewellery

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to decide your jewellery is damaged beyond repair, an examination by an experienced jeweller will let you know for sure.  But don’t despair if your old jewellery cannot be repaired we will generally be able to reproduce the jewellery as it was, but we are usually asked to make it more durable for continued wear or set a little lower to make it easier to live with day to day.  We can convert your old claw set jewellery into bezel set jewellery if you wish.

The Jewellers’ Gold Coast Workshop

As you might expect, we maintain a modern, fully-equipped workshop to support any and all types of jewellery practice in house and in full view. All manufacture, finishing and gem and diamond setting is completed without ever leaving the premises.  You can have your custom jewellery designed by Robert and Guy and see exactly where the piece will be created, we can explain and show you how real handmade jewellery is created, no casting or assembly from prefabricated components soldered together.  We will design and sketch your jewellery with you to make sure we know exactly what you want.  No misinterpretations arise by not talking to the artist who will actually create your jewellery.  We guarantee you will adore your new designer jewellery.