Jewellery Valuations and Insurance

Most insurance companies require an independent valuation of any item to be insured against loss or theft. Such a valuation will provide a detailed description of the jewellery and the elements that compose it, along with an itemisation of replacement cost.

Apart from the necessity of providing valuation documentation to your insurer, a valuation lets you ensure that you are sufficiently covered in the case of a claim. Replacement costs change over time, and it is important to verify that your insurance keeps pace.

JWG can arrange a certified professional to independently value your jewellery and provide such documentation.

Insurance Work

Jewellers Workshop Gallery are able to coordinate directly with your insurance company to arrange replacement of jewellery under insurance cover. If you are in the unfortunate position of having to replace handmade jewellery, we can help by keeping the process as comfortable as possible. If you have accurate valuations on your lost diamond engagement ring or damaged custom jewellery, remaking the jewellery, just like the original becomes a lot easier. If you are not interested in replicating the lost item think of it as your opportunity for a fresh jewellery design.  We can design you a new piece of handmade jewellery that you will treasure and we will supply you with a fresh valuation for insurance purposes which will fully itemise the details of your new designer jewellery.  We will also provide you with ongoing care and maintenance advice to keep your diamond jewellery or coloured stone jewellery at its very best.